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Ring-tailed lemurs of Madagascar

Madagascar Holidays

Unique and diverse

Madagascar is a tropical haven of colourful flora, mesmerising wildlife and distinctive landscapes - this island is one of just a handful of places in the world where you can experience such a high level of diversity. Home to native species, pristine beaches and incredibly friendly people, Madagascar holidays promise to amaze and enthral at every turn. Read more...

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Highlights of Madagascar

13 nights from £2,549 per person

Explore the riches of Madagascar with a 14-day tour through the many delightful locations it has to offer, including national parks, beautiful beaches and amazing wildlife. (GCL)

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Explore the Beauty of Madagascar

Set east of Mozambique, immersed in the emerald beauty of the Indian Ocean, lies the island of Madagascar. A kaleidoscope of colours, cultures and landscapes, this is one of the world’s most exhilarating places to explore. Madagascar is the world’s fourth largest island, playing host to a staggering array of flora and fauna – a large proportion of the wildlife and plants found here cannot be found anywhere else in the world and experts are still discovering new species all the time.

From neon-coloured chameleons and furry-tailed lemurs, plump baobab trees to deserts, beaches and jungles, Madagascar is an ecological dynamo with incredibly diversity. Great for water-based activities, from sailing to snorkelling, holidays to Madagascar are a haven for exotic marine life and its rainbow-coloured coral reefs are some of the prettiest in the world. Divers seeking new and exciting spots to explore will be amazed by the myriad tropical species found here, performing underwater theatrics before their very eyes.

On land, there’s just as much to be enthralled by – this is a fascinating destination thanks to its multi-ethnic society where you’ll have the opportunity to dip into a medley of cultures and influences. The traditions and customs are very much a part of everyday life, often providing visitors with a unique and remarkable experience. Bathed in tropical sunshine and inhabited by friendly and welcoming people, Madagascar is a seemingly otherworldly destination that is guaranteed to inspire.

Why book a holiday to Madagascar?

  • A fascinating array of animals, birds and tropical marine life to explore, many of which are unique to this region
  • The landscape is diverse, providing a wealth of natural attractions, UNESCO World Heritage Sites and national parks
  • Madagascar holidays provide a rich heritage and a melting pot of traditions and customs to explore
  • Great for diving and snorkelling, thanks to the beautiful unspoiled coasts fringing the island, where you can seek out colourful coral reefs and underwater species

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