Universal Studios fright night

This was my second fright night at Universal Studios.

As I walked closer to the entrance the nerves started kicking in. I was thinking back to the first fright night here and how scared I was, which made me wonder what was in store for me this time.

fright night Universal Studios fright night

As soon as I walked through the main entrance there were actors hiding behind set-ups along the path. There were 8 horror walk-through’s you could do but there were also set-ups along the paths around the park with actors waiting to scare you. Making our way to the first attraction we saw a line of bloody soldiers holding chainsaws, they would stare at you and kept a very straight face as they walked past.

After going on some of the rides and seeing some of the shows, we walked to the opposite side of the park to the next attraction. We got to a path where there were no street lights, just the occasional flashing lights. I had a look around and thought it was a bit weird that I couldn’t see any actors. We started making our way through and then out of nowhere I heard chainsaws and suddenly saw one of the bloody soldiers running towards me! I could only see him for a second, then he would disappear as the lights turned off and then when the lights flashed he was getting closer and closer. My heart was pounding and I couldn’t stop shaking so we decided to go and get a drink before moving on to the next area.

Outside the café was another scare zone, which was fun as you could watch others, being scared. I saw some actors pulling a clear coffin around, which was then placed in front of the café. There was a woman lying in there with rats running over her. Not thinking about why it was placed there I went over to have a look. After a couple of minutes I went to walk away and as I turned around the same soldier with the chainsaw from earlier came running towards me again. After that scare I turned away and another creepy actor on skates came charging towards me! I then realised the coffin was put there as a distraction so actors could creep up on you.

You can have the option of having your face painted to blend in with the horror night. I decided to dress up as the Joker so then the actors couldn’t see how scared I was which meant they didn’t always pick on me.

These fright nights are not for the faint-hearted. During the night you will feel nervous and excited but when you leave you will think about the fun side of it all. Like most things in Orlando a lot of time and effort goes into these fright nights from the set designs, the actors’ costumes and make up to the finishing touches around the park. If you like going to fright nights in the UK then definitely go to Universal Studios on you next trip to Orlando!

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