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Meru National Park Holidays

Ever-popular and truly memorable

Meru National Park graces travellers with luscious landscapes, large swamps and luxuriant grasslands, as well as a wide range of wildlife - including rare antelope, black rhinos and Africa bush elephants. Once the home of famous Elsa the lioness, this is one of Kenya’s most loved safari parks. Read more...

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Explore the Beauty of Meru National Park

Situated just outside of Nairobi and east of Meru, Meru National Park is one of Kenya’s most popular game reserves. The heavy rainfall encourages a luscious landscape of vast swamps and verdant grasses that house a range of magnificent creatures, from leopards and black rhinos to rare antelopes and thunderous elephants. As a base for exciting game drives and guided walks on safari getaways, this is a fantastic choice. It’s also the home of Elsa the lioness, made famous by the film and book ‘Born Free’. This is a stunning natural habitat to spot some truly amazing wildlife, with traditional lodges and camps dotted throughout the landscape.

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