Top 5 Foodie Things to Do in Bali

Following my post yesterday providing a basic introduction into planning your  Bali holiday, here are my top 5 foodie things to do in Bali:

breeze at The Samaya Top 5 Foodie Things to Do in Bali

1. Book ahead for dinner by the beach at The Breeze, Samaya Seminyak. It has a great and well deserved reputation for good international fusion food, but with the lanterns swinging in the gentle breeze from the waves on the beach and attentive service it’s fab. And not bad pricing either for a Brit used to overpriced average-ness.

2. Chicken Satay cooked freshly in front of you with a bowl of rice at any Balinese East Coast beach bar is a treat. Watching the surfers as you order more and more satay is surely a must-do in Bali?

3. Enjoy the utter calm and sanctuary of the restaurant at The Bali Pavilions at Sanur. Set back from the hustle and bustle of the main beach area and approached by path through a swathe of rustling bamboo the feeling is restful. The food is maybe more enjoyable because it is so calm here, the style is sophisticated Balinese with really individual, distinctive tastes and flavours. Quite grown up food in an elegant setting.

4. Minami in Ubud. Japanese food beautifully presented, deliciously tasty and quite reasonably priced for a UK based traveller.

5. Samaya — again, but this time in Ubud. I am including this even though Samaya already have my vote, as I have never tasted such exquisite truffle butter before. Proper slices of the fungus, not mean flecks. Absolute jewels of starters and the best take on surf’n’turf, ever!

pavilions bali Top 5 Foodie Things to Do in Bali

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    Chicken Satay is my favourite ;) so yummy

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