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India Holidays

India is a multi-cultural delight

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Rajasthan Experience

14 Nights from £1,969 Including Flights

A state in India full of culture, history, natural beauty and charm, this wonderful 14-night small group escorted tour is your ticket to exploring this diverse and colourful destination. Starting and ending in Delhi, you'll have the chance to see iconic attractions, travel by camel and even visit a local school on this authentic adventure.

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Heritage of India - Maharajas' Express

7 Nights Deluxe Cabin from £6,489 Including Flights

See the very best of India aboard this national treasure. On board it's the height of luxury and the service is second to none. Sit back, be waited on and let the lanscape roll past, an amazing once in a lifetime experience not to be missed.

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Classic South India

14 Nights from £2,029 Including Flights

This unforgettable 14-night guided tour explores the lesser-visited South Region of India, where emerald mountains and beautiful plantations frame pristine, untouched beaches and scenic coastal towns. Immerse in the history, culture and religion of this spectacular area, discovering an abundance of amazing sights along the way, from extravagent temples to an incredible wildlife sanctuary.

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North India Highlights

15 Days Tour Name from £1,629 Including Flights

Explore lavish palaces, vibrant bazaars, intricate temples and rich culture on this breath-taking 8-night guided tour of North India, taking in the nation's world-famous sights and glorious cityscapes.

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Explore the Beauty of India

India holidays boast a collision of cultures: peaceful temples and rowdy festivals, quiet villages and bustling cities, warm beautiful beaches and the snow peaked Himalayas. This vibrant multicultural, multidimensional country is a mixture of the most dynamic attitudes of modern Asia mixed with a lingering sense of British etiquette. India is enormous on an overwhelming scale. Some of the popular destinations include Goa, a verdant stretch of the West coast featuring a unique blend of Portuguese and Indian culture, and Kerala, featuring world famous beaches and a contagious relaxed lifestyle.

Goa is a tropical paradise of sugary white sands, crystal clear waters and luscious palms that freckle the coastline. If you’re not completely intoxicated by the scent of bougainvillea floating on the breeze, the peaceful atmosphere will do the trick. With a fascinating past and a rich culture to explore, you’ll never want to leave.

A sleepy paradise of swaying palms and inviting soft beaches, Kerala is a haven of luscious vegetation. The landscape here truly does thrive, and it makes for a really picturesque backdrop. Meet with the locals – they’re incredibly friendly; lounge on long stretches of the coastline and revel in the climate; explore the culture and history for a real taste of Kerala.

India is one of the giants of Asia, hanging off the bottom of the continent in the shape of a shark’s tooth.

It is a country of virtually infinite biodiversity and varieties of landscape from arid desert, to rolling grassland, right through to urban sprawl and mountains. The cuisine is legendary, cricket is the national pastime and the people are as friendly as they come.

It has the second largest population in the world – and what an eclectic mix. More than 80% of the population is Hindu, but there are large minorities of Muslims, Christians and Sikhs, making for a very diverse culture and heritage.  

Why visit India?

  • The wonderful beaches of Goa
  • Vibrant street markets selling fruit, vegetables, spices, jewellery and all manner of trinkets and curios
  • Take part in a traditional Indian celebration – there are a huge of number of festivals to be a part of
  • Unbelievably varied cuisine from spicy curries and leavened breads, to delicate dals and indulgent sweets
  • A rich assortment of cultural sites and religious monuments; this is a truly awe-inspiring place

India Information

There are a wide variety of things to see and do whilst staying in India. Check out our travel guides for some of the highlights, top tips and travel inspiration from our Tropical Sky Experts, along with some essential information you may need for your holiday.

Useful Facts Useful Facts
Vast and diverse, India is a magical country that has so much to offer – cuisine and scenery, incredibly welcoming locals and urban cities.
Adventures in the cities & towns of North India Adventures in the cities & towns of North India
North India brings the chance to explore everything from the Moghul architecture of Delhi to embarking on a camel safari in the desert at Pushkar. If that sounds like your idea of a fabulous adventure, read on, this guide will allow to explore some of the best this region has to offer.
Top 10 things to do in India Top 10 things to do in India
With its eclectic range of spices, sacred cities and palm-fringed beaches, you'll have trouble finding something this destination doesn't have to offer. Discover your love for one of the most spiritual places on earth.

Top 10 palaces of the world Top 10 palaces of the world
Discover the most spectacular and luxurious palaces from France to India and explore the most extravagant and iconic monuments in the world.
Eating, Drinking and Nightlife Eating, Drinking and Nightlife
Known for being spicy and varied, Indian cuisine is known the world over – experience the real deal in local restaurants and street vendors.
Things To Do and Excursions Things To Do and Excursions
From awe-inspiring landmarks to stunningly decorated temples, India has more than its fair share of breath-taking sights to explore.

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