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Your family holiday should be one of the highlights of the year and perhaps you are currently at the stage of planning your luxury family holidays abroad. If you are looking to go away during the school holidays, finding a destination to suit all your family’s needs is important. Making sure you get the best of the climate, that there are plenty of activities to occupy the kids, and ensuring that there's entertainment for the adults – it all needs to be considered. We’ve hand-picked some of our favourite hotels with perfect facilities for the whole family. Enjoy some quality time with your loved ones, indulge in family-friendly fun and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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Discover Family Holidays

Five reasons to book a family holiday with Tropical Sky

  • Tropical Sky is a family-run business – we know how important family holidays are
  • We’ve got first-hand experience of the resorts we offer
  • Most of our staff are parents – we only offer holidays we’d love to take our kids on
  • Kids clubs and babysitting will be available, leaving you free to relax
  • Safe, child-friendly beaches and swimming pools


Why you’ll love our family holidays

Family holidays are some of the ultimate bonding experiences, but choosing the right place to go makes all the difference. With Tropical Sky, you don’t have a thing to worry about – the hotels and resorts we’ve selected are absolutely perfect for unforgettable experiences for the whole family.

We offer fantastic family holidays in paradise locations – the flights may be a little longer, but the destinations are completely worth it. You’ll get to enjoy an amazing time with your family without having to compromise on quality.

You can choose family-friendly interconnected rooms and suites, eat from menus fit for fussy eaters and feel safe and secure that the pools and beach are suitable for children. This quality time together is the perfect way to spend a holiday.

And it’s not just about the kids either; you can ensure you have a great time too. There will be babysitting services and organised activities for your children giving you some much needed free time to sit back, relax and enjoy the location. Read More


Top Tips

  • Young children need plenty of distractions on long haul flights. Most kids will love the in-flight entertainment, but arming yourself with toys and other activities like drawing pads is always a good idea
  • Some hotels offer free accommodation for children – call us to find out about the best deals and book early to ensure you don’t miss out
  • If your child is a fussy eater, the larger resorts offer a broader range of dining options to ensure there will be something they enjoy
  • Make use of the kids club or babysitting services and get some time to yourself – the kids will love it and you can spend the time getting the relaxation you deserve. 

Family Holidays Information

Our Family Holidays offer a wide variety of things to see and do during your trip. Check out our travel guides for plenty of travel inspiration and tips from our Tropical Sky experts to create the perfect holiday for you.

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