Christ the Redeemer Statue Rio de Janeiro
Famous Copacabana Beach Aerial View
Howler monkeys in the Brazilian jungle

Brazil holidays - Fun-loving and unique

Brazil can't be beaten in terms of spirit - it has it in abundance. The glitzy carnivals, joyful people, unbelievable beaches and rich culture create something altogether different from your run-of-the-mill holiday destination. But it’s not all just glitz and masquerade here, there’s a real passion and charm to this country that can’t be matched.

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A vivacious and enticing destination

Lively, intoxicating and brash – Brazil knows how to make an entrance. The pulse of samba beats floods into every street, where you’ll meet with a heady array of palm-fringed beaches, luscious landscapes and a dazzling carnival spirit.

Brazil is often referred to by the locals as a continent as opposed to a country and it’s easy to see why. This expansive destination is a mass of contradictions, found in its varied landscapes, cultures and fascinating history. Boasting over 5000 miles of luscious golden coastline, the world’s largest rainforest and a larger landmass than the United States, this is a country that truly makes a statement.

Brazilians are known for being lively, fun-loving people – there’s a passion for life here that’s utterly infectious. King of the carnival, Brazil has become synonymous with loud and vivacious celebrations that blend samba beats with extravagant, colourful costumes.

There’s a softer side to Brazil that’s often overlooked though. The lush highlands and virgin tropical forests create captivating surrounds that lay in the depths of Brazil’s landscape, begging to be explored.

Why visit Brazil?

  • Thanks to its varied history and geography, the culture here is incredibly rich and wide-ranging – experience it through capoeira, authentic Brazilian music and dazzling festivals.
  • Rio de Janeiro is a city that is truly awe-inspiring. With palm-fringed beaches, a palpable passion for life and a rich heritage, it is completely magical.  
  • Diving is great here, with the coast of Angra dos Reis in Rio de Janeiro home to more than 300 islands that are perfect for marine exploration.
  • The wildlife in Brazil is spectacular, with a varied array of species – catch a glimpse of toucans, jaguars and many more.
  • No visit to Brazil would be complete without seeing the rolling Iguazu Falls.

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Brazil Quick facts
Time difference: GMT -3 hrs
Brazil Quick facts
Capital: Brasilia
Brazil Quick facts
Currency: Brazilian Real
Brazil Quick facts
Dialling code: 00 55
Brazil Quick facts
Language: Portuguese

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