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Eating, drinking and nightlife in the Bahamas


The Bahamas is a nation that caters to tourists (almost 50% of the country’s GDP comes from tourism) and as such you’ll find many recognisable international brands. Equally, however, you should expect to find plenty of local restaurants serving a variety of seafood. The national dish conch (pronounced ‘conk’) is a particular favourite and you should definitely take the chance to try it – it goes especially well with rice and peas. Around the main city of Nassau there is a huge variety of restaurants serving virtually every cuisine.


Rum is popular in the Bahamas and there are several rum distilleries. Flavoured rums created by the Ron Ricardo company are some of the best and you can enjoy the variety on offer in any of the many rum bars. Beer is popular too, with the local variety Kalik available virtually everywhere. High Rock and Sands are two other excellent options if you’re looking for some cold refreshment after a day in the hot sun.


There are plenty of nightlife options available whether you’re looking for high class cocktails and a relaxed atmosphere or cheap drinks and a vibrant party. Nassau has the highest concentration of clubs, but your resort will likely have different entertainment options every night too.

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