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Eating, drinking and enjoying the nightlife in Jamaica


Jamaica is famous for many of the most iconic Caribbean dishes. The national dish is Ackee and saltfish, which sees dried and salted cod cocked with ackee, a unique tasting local fruit. Jerk chicken has made its way across to Europe in recent years, although you should expect a much spicier rendition than versions at home. Rice and peas is one of the most popular dishes in the country – it is rice cooked in coconut milk with various beans and a kick of Scotch Bonnet chillies. Depending on where you’re staying, you’ll be able to find plenty of fine restaurants serving a variety of local dishes, as well as virtually any style of international food. Any of the resorts and hotels we offer will have at least one restaurant on site.


There are plenty of local brewed drinks available in Jamaica. A huge range of fizzy drinks are available everywhere in flavours as diverse as pineapple, tropical punch, grapefruit and ginger beer. The largest producer, D&G (in case you’re wondering, it stands for Desnoes & Geddes, rather than Dolce & Gabbana) even produces a drink called Kola Champagne – a unique flavour you can’t experience anywhere else. There are a few excellent Jamaican beers too – Red Stripe is becoming a more recognisable brand worldwide, so you might already know it, but it’s ubiquitous in Jamaica. Another popular drink is Dragon Stout, a dark, rich beer. If you’re looking for something a little stronger Jamaica prides itself on being a producer of excellent rums.


The best places for a vibrant nightlife are certainly Montego Bay and Negril. Montego Bay is probably the top choice thanks to the range of clubs and bars on offer, while Negril offers a slightly quieter, friendlier experience.

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