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Eating, drinking and enjoying the nightlife in Malaysia


Malaysian cuisine is a thing of beauty. Drawing on traditional Malay cooking styles, but blending influence from Chinese, Indian and Indonesian cuisine, Malaysian food is both deliciously unique and wonderfully familiar. Some dishes have made their way into British vernacular such as the peanut-based satay and slow-cooked rendang, but many will be completely alien (although just as delicious) – make sure you give them a try.

Drinking and Nightlife

There are plenty of unique Malaysian drinks including Milo Ais – a chilled chocolate drink. Coffee and tea are both enormously popular in Malaysia and you’ll find them anywhere. The country is predominantly Muslim meaning alcohol is not allowed to be drunk by most. But while most of the citizens don’t drink alcohol, many premises are licenced to sell it. Prices are unsurprisingly high however. And this attitude towards alcohol means that the nightlife here is a little limited outside of the usual part areas.

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