Panoramic view of Sigiriya Rock
Baros Maldives, Aerial View of Island
Cirque de Mafate Mountains

Our favourite Indian Ocean countries

There’s a certain allure to the Indian Ocean that feels so enticing. Perhaps it’s the promise of long, laidback days on silent beaches, the exclusivity of staying on a private island, or the turquoise blue of the iconic lagoons. Either way, the region is truly beguiling.

From extravagant stilted water villas in the Maldives and the powdery beaches of Mauritius, to glorious cruises in the Seychelles and rainforest treks in Sri Lanka, the Indian Ocean welcomes you in.

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Indian Ocean Countries

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Postcard-perfect beaches, secluded resorts and jaw-dropping turquoise lagoons puts the Maldives at the forefront for an idyllic and truly romantic getaway. Get ready for serenity and stunning natural beauty.


Look beyond Mauritius’ dazzling sun-drenched beaches and tranquil ambience, and you’ll find an island brimming with eclectic culture, with a wonderful slow-paced lifestyle inspired by its diverse past.


Comprising of 115 sun-kissed islands, the Seychelles offer the classic jungle-clad mountains, crystal-clear waters and sugary white sand beaches that are synonymous with the Indian Ocean’s idyllic allurement.

Sri Lanka

This island provides a sensationally beautiful landscape to explore. Our tours combine everything that makes this destination so alluring – from rainforests and beaches, to tea plantations and World Heritage Sites.


Mixing natural splendour with a melting pot of vibrant cultures, Reunion has a bit of everything for your wonderful Indian Ocean getaway. This is an island full of character.

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Lucy Gorham
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