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Useful Facts

Flight Information

Direct flights from London Heathrow to Muscat International Airport Oman are approximately 7 hours 40 minutes. Oman Air and British Airways offer daily direct flights. Indirect flights may stop over in Doha, Dubai or Abu Dhabi with varying stop-over times. If you have booked transfer arrangements with us you will be met on arrival by our Tropical Sky representative who will guide you to your transfer vehicle.

Visa Requirements

British Citizens travelling to Oman require a full British passport which must be valid for 6 months after departure from this country. All children and infants must also have their own passports.

British nationals don’t need to get a visa before travelling to Oman. You can get a visa on arrival at any land, sea or air entry port in the country. There is a charge for this, payable at the entry desk at immigration. Please refer to the Foreign Office for more information.


Arabic is the official language but English is very widely spoken.


Taxis are a convenient method of getting around if you’d rather not rent a car. If you’re staying in the major cities there are bus services, which can make getting around quite cheap and easy.


The currency of Oman is the Rial. It’s one of very few currencies that is stronger than the Pound Sterling, which can be a little strange if you’ve only ever travelled to countries where the Pound is stronger than the local currency. It can also, if you’re not careful, make items look cheaper than they actually are. Currently the 1 Rial is worth around 1.7 Pound Sterling.


240V, 50 Hz two round pin plugs and UK standard plugs

Vaccination & Health

As health requirements change please consult with your GP or specialist travel clinic well in advance of your holiday for specific information related to your travel and medical history. Additional information can be found by visiting NaTHNaC or MASTA Travel health

Dialling Code

00 968


The holy month of Ramadan will be celebrated in the late summer (15th May - 14th June 2018 & 05 May 19 - 04 June 19 - subject to change). During Ramadan, Muslims all over the world abstain from food, drink, and other physical needs during daylight hours.

Non-Muslim holidaymakers do not have to follow these traditions, however, hotels in Dubai do impose certain restrictions on alcohol, food consumption and entertainment between sunrise and sunset.

Eid Al Adha falls between sunset on 21st -25th August 2018 and 11th-15th August 2019 and starts with a 24 hour dry day followed by a three day celebration.
Please ensure you are aware of these restrictions, and that dates are subject to change.

Time difference

GMT + 4

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