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Things to do in Antigua

The Shirley Heights party
Sunday evening at Shirley Heights is party time in Antigua. It’s something of much-loved tradition on the island and you’ll see a happy mixture of tourists and locals. There are live calypso bands playing while the sun sets and the delicious scent of BBQ wafts through the air.

Antigua is certainly blessed with some truly beautiful beaches. If you’re just looking to lie back and relax on pristine sands, you can’t do any better than the stunning Jolly Beach on the east coast. On the other side of Antigua is Long Bay Beach which has some unbelievable conditions for snorkelling.

Antigua’s Carnival runs from late July to early August every year. It is one of the Caribbean’s largest, featuring all the bright colours, calypso music and lively locals that you would expect. If you’re visiting in June then you’ll be able to get across to Barbuda for the carnival there. There are plenty of yachting, sailing events and festivals that are enthusiastically celebrated too.

Antigua, and especially its capital St. John’s, is one of the better places in the Caribbean for shopping. There is everything from cute and unusual boutiques to duty free shops and larger malls. St. Mary's Street is famous for its glut of shops, so it's a great place to start if you need a little retail therapy while you're on holiday.

Stingray City
One experience that you definitely shouldn’t miss is the opportunity to swim with stingrays. Departing from the east coast, you’ll get this heart-warming opportunity to feed and play with these amazing creatures. The huge rays can be a little intimidating at first, but soon you’ll be more comfortable around them and enjoy an experience that you’ll never forget.

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