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Discover Aruba's cuisine and nightlife


If you’d like to try something different from your resort’s restaurants and bars, you can head into Oranjestad for a variety of options. You might be surprised to find quite an array of familiar signs and logos; Aruba has a host of American chain restaurants including Pizza Hut, Burger King and even Hooters. There are also plenty of restaurants near the resorts – some of the aforementioned American chain variety and some upmarket restaurants apparently catering almost entirely to tourists. If you’re looking for a more authentic experience there are plenty of smaller local establishments serving up rustic Aruban and Caribbean cuisine. Some favourite dishes include Keshi Yena which is a hollowed-out Edam cheese stuffed with meat and vegetables, then baked. Curried goat and jerk chicken are also on offer at pan Caribbean restaurants.

Drinking and Nightlife

Balashi Beer is the only beer brewed in Aruba. You can visit the brewery if you’d like to see how it is made. The nightlife here is mostly a quiet affair limited to the entertainments that the hotels and resorts offer, however, Oranjestad does have a few bars and clubs you can visit. Aruba's range of casinos also make for a night of great fun - albeit an expensive one.

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