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Arikok National Park

Nearly 20% of Aruba is the nature reserve Arikok National Park. It’s a truly beautiful place and makes a lovely change from the sandy beaches and Dutch architecture if you get the chance to visit. There are two species of snake that aren’t found anywhere else in the world as well as plenty of other highly unique wildlife. For those who want to get active in Aruba, you can’t do any better than a scenic hiking trail here.

The beaches

Aruba has a beach for just about everything. If you’re looking for a huge stretch of sand with great amenities, there’s Palm Beach. If you’d like a great place to snorkel try Arashi Beach or take on the great dive sites near Malmok. If you need child-friendly shallow water go to Baby Beach. And if you’re looking for a truly fantastic place to sunbathe near Oranjestad, go enjoy Eagle Beach.

Aruba International Film Festival

The Aruba International Film Festival (AIFF) has only been around since 2010, but it’s already building up an impressive following. You can buy tickets to screenings and soak up the movie atmosphere. The festival runs in early July and it makes for a very unique experience during your Caribbean holiday. 

Seaworld Explorer Semi Submarine

The Seaworld Explorer is your opportunity to see the glorious undersea life that surrounds the shores of Aruba without having to haul on scuba diving gear. The hull of the boat has windows and serves as an underwater observation deck, allowing you to see the delights of the sea.

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