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Eating, Drinking and Nightlife


The majority of your dining and drinking will likely be spent on the premises of your resort so it’s worth researching each one individually to see what kinds of restaurants and bars they have on offer. Local food in the Dominican Republic is generally Caribbean-style cuisine – heavy on seafood, tropical fruits and beans. If you do get away from the resort it’s definitely worth seeking out local restaurants to get the very best out of your dining experience here.


The Dominican Republic produces a number of beers including Presidente, Bohemia Especial and Quisqueya. All of them are very good, although Presidente is especially popular among tourists and locals. The nation is also a prolific rum producer – like much of the Caribbean. But if you’re looking for something quintessential Dominican, try Mama Juana. This unique drink is created by letting rum, red wine and honey soak in a bottle with fresh herbs and tree bark. The resulting flavour is a rich, earthy wine not dissimilar to port.


You’ll probably spend most of your nights at your hotel or resort. Some are more gearing towards partying than others, so it’s worth checking out the sort of resort that you’re booking if you’re looking for either a very quiet or a very vibrant nightlife.

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