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Indonesia Holidays

Diversity, beauty and culture

Home to over 13,000 islands, Indonesia is a paradise steeped in diversity, rich culture, and tropical vistas. The region’s passion for adventure and unspoilt beaches summoning relaxation means that the best of both worlds can be experienced here.


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Explore the Beauty of Indonesia

Despite being one of the biggest archipelagos in the world, no two Indonesian islands are the same. Whilst some are tiny, remote and boasting untouched beaches, others offer buzzing streets filled with boutiques, or soaring volcanoes aching to be explored. It’s the perfect destination for both adventurers and sun-dwellers, or those hoping to dip their feet in both ends of the spectrum.

Variety is key when it comes to Indonesia, yet there’s still a touch of the familiar, too. There’s such a diversity of cultures and regions here, but every local you encounter will offer the same warm hospitality. The vistas are always incredible, but they differ from sugary sands, turquoise lagoons, lush rainforest and verdant rice paddies. You know what you get with Indonesia: stunning nature, ancient sites and divine cuisine, but the intricacies of each island are what makes the region so enticing.

The emerald jewel of Bali is one of Indonesia’s most popular islands, an astonishing area boasting vibrant nightlife, intriguing jungle, golden sands and jutting mountains. Then there’s Lombok, the Gili Islands, and even Komodo – the last of which is home to the spectacular Komodo dragon. You can revel in the tranquillity of Indonesia’s beautiful beaches, or you could enjoy a myriad of activities including cycling through paddies and experiencing Indonesia’s famed diving sites.

Meanwhile, Indonesia’s hotel scene is incredibly luxurious, boasting some of the most fabulous and innovative properties in equally as sensational locations, including luxury villas perched atop forest-clad clifftops, or small boutique escapes tucked away in the valleys.

Indonesia presents an array of experiences, all as breath-taking and memorable as the next.

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