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Pier on Lake Peten, Guatemala

Guatemala Holidays

Outstanding natural beauty

An unmissable destination with a unique charm and beautiful attractions, Guatemala comprises a magical fusion of stunning vistas, fascinating heritage and breath-taking wildlife. From the ancient Mayan ruins to dense jungles to explore, you'll be treated to unforgettable experiences during your time here. Read more...

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Explore the Beauty of Guatemala

A fascinating country with an abundance of unique ecosystems – the name Guatemala a translation of “place of many trees”, is home to over 30 volcanoes and the awe-inspiring Mayan ruins set in the jungle at Tikal. There are highland lakes, including the stunningly beautiful Lake Atitlan which is flanked by three volcanoes and warmed by volcanic activity.

You can enjoy bartering with friendly locals in the many markets dotted through the towns and villages of Guatemala. Or soak up the Mayan culture, whilst admiring the flora and fauna. Take a boat trip along the Rio Dulce or paddle a kayak at your own pace.

Why visit Guatemala?

  • First on the list must be the astonishing jungle ruins of Tikal. Enjoyable for just a stroll around the main temples or stretch yourself to reach the top of Temple IV where you will have spectacular views of the surrounding jungle canopy from the top of the highest structure within the vast site
  • Antigua in Guatemala is the best-preserved Spanish colonial city in Central America and served as Guatemala’s capital city for more than 200 years until the late eighteenth century. Explore Central park, the museums and the colonial buildings
  • Semana Santa – the Easter processions in Antigua are a must-see experience, with the vibrant parades along cobblestone streets decorated in flower petals
  • Rio Dulce – the name of both a beautiful river and a charming town; either navigate the river by canoe or explore the market and castle in the town
  • Lake Atitlan – the deepest lake in Central America flanked by three volcanoes. The small villages dotted along the shores of this lake offer a fascinating insight into Mayan culture and you can wander the paths weaving through the slopes to enjoy beautiful  views of the lake
  • Flores a scenic and charming town on an island, linked to the mainland by causeway but where the locals get around by “cayuco” (dug-out canoe). The large lake of Peten Itza provides the opportunity to enjoy boating, swimming, fishing and birding

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