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Eating, drinking and enjoying the nightlife in Brazil


Brazilian food tends not to fall into one specific cuisine, but rather reflect the varied regional tastes and cultures. As such, there’s a wealth of culinary delights to try. The closest Brazil gets to a national dish is feijoada, which is a stew of sausage, pork leftovers, smoked ribs and jerky which is cooked until tender and served with pork crackling, orange garnishes and accompanying shots of cachaça. This can be found in many restaurants on a Saturday, where it will be served all day long. There’s no need to completely dismiss street food in Brazil either, but approach with caution and head for those with professional-looking stalls and a clientele of locals.


Cachaça can be drunk either neat or with fruit juice for a tasty cocktail. The best way to sample this delectable drink though is in a caipirinha, which is a cocktail that seeks rum mixed with crush ice and plenty of sugar.


Head to Rio de Janeiro if you’re looking for a great night out – this vibrant city has some of the best samba clubs in all of Brazil. The nightlife in Sao Paulo is chicer and offers more choice, where you can seek out unique drinking spots and fantastic live music.

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