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Kenya Holidays

The classic safari destination

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Kenya holidays conjure up images of roving safari trips and an abundance of wildlife. While this is an accurate description of this magnificent country, it’s not the whole story. The tropical climate, fascinating culture and smorgasbord of landscapes creates something altogether more varied than you’d expect. Read more...

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Explore the Beauty of Kenya

From deserts and mountains to beaches and thriving coral reefs, there’s so much to experience here. Nature enthusiasts will, of course, be overwhelmed by the range of species that reside here, but beach lovers will be provided with plenty of options for sunbathing and watersports too. Come here to dive, to hike or to roam the bustling streets of the cities – holidays to Kenya are everything at once, making it all the more appealing as an unforgettable destination to visit.

Kenya – a captivating mix of awe-inspiring wildlife, pristine beaches and fascinating culture. There’s a lot to see in this country, each segment a diverse blend of rewards for the visitor. From the varied landscape that sees emerald plains and arid deserts meet with mountains, coral reefs and expansive parks, to the people, the history and the native fauna, this truly is an example of classic Africa.

For most people, Kenya conjures images of safari escapes and for good reason – Kenya serves as a fitting backdrop to some of the best wildlife sightings in the world. But there’s more to this amazing country that just game drives and sundowners.

Head to Nairobi for a heady mix of bustling city streets and addictive chaos; Malindi plays host to Kenya’s coral-studded waters and diving spots; and leaving an impressive topographical mark through it all is The Rift Valley, one of the most distinguishing natural landmarks in Africa. There’s a strong sense of national pride retained here, though many ethnic groups, tribes and cultures make up the population. As such, visits to Kenya yield a true experience of Africa.

Why visit Kenya?

  • The tropical climate is a huge draw for this fascinating destination, lending itself well to everything from beach escapes to balmy safari holidays.
  • No exploration of Kenya would be complete without visiting the many national parks and game reserves dotted throughout the landscape – the Big Five is considered to be the ultimate safari triumph. For more information visit Africa Sky where you can book tailor-made Kenyan safaris and discover why this destination is so popular with holidaymakers
  • Head to the coast for the culinary delights of this country, where you’ll find regional delicacies and fresh seafood delicately spiked with tamarind and local spices
  • Sporty travellers will be in their element here – the diverse landscape serves as a fantastic backdrop to hiking, cycling, snorkelling and diving, to name but a few
  • The culture really makes Kenya an interesting place to explore – for example, if you can, visit during the Lake Turkana festival which sees twelve tribes join for three days of singing and dancing

Kenya Information

There are a wide variety of things to see and do whilst staying in Kenya. Check out our travel guides for some of the highlights, top tips and travel inspiration from our Tropical Sky Experts, along with some essential information you may need for your holiday.

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Kenya's Coastal Province beach holidays Kenya's Coastal Province beach holidays
There's just something so thrilling about exploring the unique and enchanting wildlife in its own habitat on a safari, but steer away from it and you'll find there's plenty more to see than the animals.
A true taste of Kenya A true taste of Kenya
Your stomach will certainly rumble as you learn about Kenya's delicious, hearty, aromoatic cuisine. With a rich history behind it, and intruiging traditional Kenyan dishes, Kenya certainly supplies a feast for the eyes, taste buds and mind.

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Kenya Customer Stories

Still deciding on things to see and do in Kenya? Our customer's holiday stories will be sure to give you inspiration. Come and find out what our customers thought of this fantastic destination.

An amazing surprise during Walter & Betty's Kenya holiday An amazing surprise during Walter & Betty's Kenya holiday
This tear-jerking customer story shows how our travel experts go above and beyond to give you an amazing experience. This passionate couple deserved the little surprise we organised for them during their trip to Diani Beach and Tsavo East National Park.
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